2.6. An engine running in after repair

The repaired engine is subjected to bench tests (running in) without loading on the following cycle:
750–800 min.-1......... 2 min.
1000 min.-1......... 3 min.
1500 min.-1......... 4 min.
2000 min.-1......... 5 min.
Having established at the stand and having started the engine, check:
– whether there is no leak of cooling liquid or fuel between the interfaced details and in connections of pipelines;
– pressure of oil and whether there is no dribble of oil through laying;
If foreign knocks or malfunctions are found, stop the engine, eliminate them, and then continue tests.
At dribble of oil through laying between a case and the block of cylinders tighten fastening bolts the recommended moment. If the leak of oil does not stop, check laying and if necessary replace it.
At dribble of oil through laying between a cover and a head of cylinders check laying and rubber plugs on hairpins of fastening of a cover of a head of cylinders. If necessary replace laying and plugs, observing the recommendations stated in subsection "Assembly of the engine".
After repair of the engine a certain period extra earnings of working surfaces of new details is necessary. It in particular belongs to those engines on which pistons, inserts of conrod and radical bearings, pereshlifovana of a neck of a bent shaft, and also an otkhoningovana cylinders were replaced.
Therefore during a running in of the repaired engine do not subject it to the maximum loads. The running in of the engine has to proceed on the car with observance of those speeds of the movement which are recommended for the car running in period.