2.16. Production of the fulfilled gases

Система выпуска отработавших газов
Fig. 2.84. System of production of the fulfilled gases: 1 – arm of fastening of a reception pipe; 2 – laying; 3 – arm clip; 4 – additional muffler; 5 – muffler suspension bracket pillows; 6 – main muffler; 7 – collar of connection of pipes of mufflers; 8 – converter; 9 – sealing ring of the hinge; 10 – sensor of concentration of oxygen; 11 – reception pipe of mufflers

The fulfilled gases are taken away from the engine through a final collector, a reception pipe 11 (fig. 2.84), converter 8, additional 4 and the main the 6th mufflers. Over converter the steel heat-insulating screen is put.
Between flanges of a collector and a reception pipe sealing laying 2 is established.
The reception pipe connects to a converter flange by means of the mobile hinge. Between flanges the metalgraphite ring 9 with a spherical surface is placed, and in a flange of converter the internal spherical surface is executed.
Pipes of mufflers connect among themselves the razvaltsovanny ends by means of a collar 7 and conical rings.
The reception pipe 11 fastens nuts on hairpins of a final collector and in addition to an arm of 1 fastening to the engine, reuse of nuts is not allowed. Mufflers together with pipes form non-demountable knots and at repair, in case of their exit out of operation have to be replaced with new.