2.15.9. Installation of nozzles

1. To oil new sealing rings pure engine and to establish on a nozzle.
2. To establish a new clamp of a nozzle (if necessary).
3. To insert a nozzle into a stage nest so that the socket was turned up. To insert a nozzle into a nest before gearing of a clamp with a flute on a stage.
4. To establish a stage of nozzles in collecting (see. "Installation of a stage of nozzles").

At removal of nozzles to be careful not to damage plugs of the socket and sprays. The nozzle does not understand.
Immersion of nozzles in the washing liquids since nozzles contain electric knots is not allowed.
Hit of engine oil in a nozzle is not allowed.

5. By means of giving of voltage of +12 V on contact of pGc of a block of diagnostics to include an electrogasoline pump and to be convinced of lack of leak of fuel.