2.15.7. Fuel nozzles

Fig. 2.83. Installation of a fuel nozzle: 1 – inlet valve; 2 – nozzle; 3 – plug socket; 4 – clamp; 5 – stage of nozzles; 6 – sealing rings; 7 – inlet pipe

The nozzle (fig. 2.83) of system of the distributed injection represents the electromagnetic device dosing supply of fuel under pressure in an inlet pipe of the engine.
Nozzles are fixed on a stage by means of spring clamps 4. The top and lower ends of nozzles are pressurized by sealing rings 6 which always should be replaced new at removal and installation of nozzles.
The nozzle which had a valve holding strap in partially open state, causes loss of pressure after switching off of the engine therefore on some engines increase in time of scrolling will be observed.
Besides, the nozzle with the taken valve can cause kalilny ignition as a quantity of fuel will get to the engine after it is muffled.