2.15.6. Installation of a stage of nozzles

1. To replace and oil new sealing rings of nozzles engine, to establish a fuel stage assembled on a head of cylinders and to fix by bolts, having tightened their moment (9–13) N · m.
2. To attach a plait of wires of nozzles.
3. To establish a receiver.
4. To establish fuel tubes, having tightened cap nuts of fastening to a stage and the regulator of pressure the moment (20–34) N · m.

To check sealing rings of fuel tubes for existence of cuts, забоин or attritions. To replace in case of need. It is obligatory to use the second key from the stage union at an inhaling of a tension nut of a fuel tube.

5. To establish a vacuum hose of the regulator of pressure.
6. To establish a throttle branch pipe on a receiver and to fix it by nuts.
7. To attach a hose of an inlet pipe to a throttle branch pipe.
8. To install the drive of a butterfly valve and to check its work.
9. To attach a wire to the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
10. By means of giving of voltage of +12 V on contact of pGc of a block of diagnostics to include an electrogasoline pump and to be convinced of lack of leak of fuel.