2.15.5. Removal of a stage of nozzles

At removal of a stage to be careful not to damage contacts of sockets and sprays of nozzles.
Not to allow hit of dirt and foreign materials in open pipelines and channels. In holding time to close the union and an opening caps.
Before removal the stage of nozzles can be cleared the sprayed means for cleaning of engines. Not to dip a stage into solvent for washing.
1. To dump pressure in a fuel supply system.
2. To switch off ignition.
3. To disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
4. To disconnect the drive of a butterfly valve from a throttle branch pipe and a receiver.
5. To disconnect a hose of an inlet pipe from a throttle branch pipe.
6. To turn off nuts of fastening of a throttle branch pipe to a receiver and, without disconnecting hoses with cooling liquid, to remove a throttle branch pipe from a receiver.
7. To remove tubes of a supply and discharge of fuel, having disconnected them from a stage of nozzles, the regulator of pressure and from an arm on a head of cylinders.

It is obligatory to use the second key from the union of a supply of fuel of a fuel stage at an otvorachivaniye of a cap nut of a fuel tube.

8. To disconnect a vacuum hose from pressure regulator.
9. To turn off nuts of fastening of a receiver and to remove it from an inlet pipe.
10. To remove a plait of wires of nozzles, having disconnected it from a plait of system of injection and nozzles.
11. To turn off bolts of fastening of a stage of nozzles and to remove it.

If the nozzle separated from a stage and remained in an inlet pipe, it is necessary to replace both sealing rings and a clamp of a nozzle.