2.15.2. An order of dropping pressure in a fuel supply system

1. To include neutral transfer, to slow down the car the parking brake.

Fig. 2.81. Electrogasoline pump arrangement

2. To disconnect wires from an electrogasoline pump (fig. 2.81), for this purpose incline a pillow of a back seat forward and remove the electrogasoline pump hatch.
3. To start the engine and to allow it to idle to a stop because of fuel use.
4. To include a starter on 3 with for pressure relief in pipelines. After that it is possible to work with a fuel supply system safely.
5. After pressure relief and completion of works to attach wires to an electrogasoline pump.
Electrogasoline pump. In system the electrogasoline pump of turbine type is applied. The pump provides supply of fuel from the fuel tank via the main fuel filter on a stage of nozzles. Excess fuel comes back to a gasoline tank on a separate line of discharge.
The electrogasoline pump joins the controller via the relay. At installation of the ignition key in situation "IGNITION" or "STARTER" after stay more than 15 with in situation "are SWITCHED OFF" the controller powers the relay on 3 with for creation of necessary pressure of fuel in a stage of nozzles.
If during this time scrolling of the engine does not begin, the controller switches off the relay and expects the beginning of scrolling. After its beginning the controller turns on the relay again.
Fig. 2.82. Arrangement of the fuel filter: 1 – fuel filter; 2 – fuel tank

The fuel filter 1 (fig. 2.82) is installed under the body bottom near the fuel tank 2.
The filter is built in the giving highway between an electrogasoline pump and a fuel stage.
The filter has the steel case with carving unions since both ends. The filtering element is made of paper and is intended for catching of particles which can lead to violation of work of system of injection.