2.15.1. Fuel supply system

Function of a fuel supply system is ensuring giving of necessary amount of fuel in the engine on all operating modes. Fuel moves in the engine the nozzles established in an inlet pipe.

Fig. 2.80. A fuel supply system with the distributed injection: 1 – the union for control of pressure of fuel; 2 – stage of nozzles; 3 – arm; 4 – fuel pressure regulator; 5 – electrogasoline pump; 6 – fuel filter; 7 – drain fuel-supply line; 8 – the giving fuel-supply line; 9 – nozzles

Are a part of a fuel supply system (fig. 2.80): an electrogasoline pump 5, the fuel filter 6, fuel-supply lines (giving 8 and drain 7), a stage of 2 nozzles with fuel nozzles 9, the regulator 4 pressure of fuel and the union of 1 control of pressure of fuel.
The electrogasoline pump established in the fuel tank gives fuel via the main fuel filter and the line of supply of fuel on a stage of nozzles.
The regulator of pressure of fuel supports constant pressure difference between an inlet pipe and the forcing highway of a stage. Pressure of the fuel given on nozzles is in limits of 300±6 kPa at the idle engine. Excess fuel over potrebny to nozzles comes back to the fuel tank on a separate line of discharge.
Before service of the fuel equipment it is necessary to dump pressure in a fuel supply system.
At a detachment of fuel-supply lines not to allow the passage of fuel. For this purpose to wind the ends of tubes with rags.