2.14.6. Radiator and broad tank

Fig. 2.79. Details of a radiator and electric fan: 1 radiator; 2 – radiator tank; 3 – electric motor; 4 – casing; 5 – krylchatka; 6 – rubber pillow; 7 – drain stopper

Removal and their installation on the car is carried out on the cold engine in the following order (fig. 2.79).
Turn off a stopper of a broad tank. Having turned off drain traffic jams of a radiator and the block of cylinders, merge cooling liquid.
Disconnect electric wires from the electric fan. Disconnect hoses from a radiator 1 and a broad tank.
Turn off nuts and bolts of fastening of a casing 4 and, holding a radiator, take out a casing assembled with the electric fan. Take out a radiator from a motor compartment.
If necessary turn off fastening nuts, remove the fan and the electric motor of the fan.
Take off a belt of fastening and take out a broad tank.
Carry out installation of a radiator and a broad tank upside-down.
Check of tightness of a radiator. Tightness of a radiator is checked in a bathtub with water. Having muffled radiator branch pipes, bring to it air under pressure of 0,2 MPas (2 kgfs/cm2) and lower in a bathtub with water not less than on 30 pages. At the same time emergence from a radiator of vials of air should not be observed.
At damages or leakage replace a radiator new.