2.14.4. Pump of cooling liquid

Dismantling. For dismantling of the pump make the following:
Fig. 2.76. Removal of the cogged pulley of the drive of the pump: 1 – pump housing; 2 – cogged pulley; 3 – stripper

– press the stripper of 3 (fig. 2.76) fixed in a vice, a pulley 2;
– turn out the lock screw and a vypressuyta a mandrel 67.7853.9569 roller assembled with the bearing, a krylchatka and an epiploon. Put effort to a bearing holder;
– press a krylchatka from the roller and remove an epiploon.
Control. Check an axial gap in the bearing. This operation should be done surely if considerable noise of the pump was noted. The gap should not exceed 0,13 mm at load of 49 N (5 kgfs). At a bigger gap replace the bearing with the roller new.
The epiploon of the pump and laying between the pump and the block of cylinders at repair is recommended to be replaced new.
Cracks and deformations of the case are not allowed.
Assembly. Carry out assembly in the following order:
– by means of a mandrel 67.7853.9568 install an epiploon in the case, without allowing its distortion;
Fig. 2.77. The pump of cooling liquid with control sizes for assembly: 1 – lock screw of the bearing; 2 – pump housing; 3 – block of cylinders; 4 – krylchatka; 5 – bearing roller; 6 – persistent sealing ring of an epiploon; 7 – rubber cuff of an epiploon; 8 – bearing; 9 – cogged pulley

– press, making effort for a bearing holder, the bearing with the roller so that openings under the lock screw 1 (fig. 2.77) coincided;
– wrap the lock screw of the bearing and fuller contours of its nest for prevention of a samootvertyvaniye;

Reuse of the cogged pulley is not allowed.

– by means of adaptation 67.7820.9527 to a napressuyta a krylchatka, and then the new cogged pulley 9, having sustained the sizes (52 ±0,5) mm and (39,8 ±0,1) the mm shown in fig. 2.77;
– check reliability of connection of a pulley on the roller, having put to a pulley the moment of 24,5 N · m (2,5 kgfs · м). The pulley should not be turned.