2.13.4. Washing of details of ventilation of a case of the engine

Fig. 2.74. Scheme of ventilation of a case of the engine: 1 – receiver; 2 – throttle branch pipe; 3 – hose of the first contour; 4 – hose of an inlet pipe; 5 – hose of the second contour; 6 – cover of a head of cylinders; 7 – oil separator grid; 8 – exhaust hose

For washing remove an exhaust hose of 8 (fig. 2.74), hoses 3 and 5, respectively, the first and second contours, turn off nuts of fastening and uncover the 6th heads of the block of cylinders. Turn off two bolts of fastening of the case of an oil separator, remove the case and a grid 7. The first contour has the calibrated opening (jet) in a throttle branch pipe 2. Impassability of a jet in a throttle branch pipe or hoses can cause failure of normal operation of the regulator of idling, hit of oil in the air filter. Wash out the removed details gasoline and put them into place upside-down.