2.13.3. Oil pump

Fig. 2.66. Details of the oil pump: 1 – pump housing; 2 – the conducted gear wheel; 3 – leading gear wheel; 4 – reducing valve; 5 – spring of the reducing valve; 6 – stopper; 7 – sealing ring; 8 – forward epiploon of a bent shaft; 9 – pump cover; 10 – rubber sealing ring; 11 – oil receiver

Dismantling and assembly. Carefully fix the oil pump in a vice not to damage a cover 9 (see fig. 2.66).
Turn out screws of fastening of the case of 1 pump and a cover 9, take out the case, conducted 2 and conducting 3 gear wheels. Turn off a stopper of the 6th reducing valve 4 and take out a spring 5 with the valve.
Vypressuyte from a cover of the 9th pump samopodzhimny an epiploon of the 8th bent shaft.
At assembly of the pump oil a surface of outer diameter of an epiploon engine and press it in a cover 9 against the stop.
Carefully fix a cover in a vice, establish gear wheels by facets at tops of teeths in the case 1 and wrap screws of fastening of the case and a cover.
Insert the reducing valve, a spring and wrap a valve stopper, having established under a stopper an aluminum sealing ring by the 7th thickness (1,5±0,2) mm.

Before assembly of the pump surely oil engine the conducting and conducted gear wheels, the case in a zone of gear wheels, a sealing rubber ring of a tube of an oil receiver and the reducing valve

After assembly of the pump at a provorachivaniye a hand of gear wheels they have to rotate smoothly, without jammings and breakthroughs.
Check of technical condition of details. After dismantling wash out all details detergents, blow compressed air and check their state.
Fig. 2.67. Points of fastening of a cover of the oil pump when milling the planes: 1 – epiploon of a bent shaft; 2 – points of fastening of a cover; 3 – stopper of the reducing valve; X, At — the milling planes

The aluminum cover when checking it in a zone of a prileganiye of gear wheels should not have ledges, the surface of a cover has to be flat. At noticeable iznosa clamp a cover in points of 2 (fig. 2.67) and a profrezeruyta of a surface of X and U to the size of (13,5±0,3) mm. The maximum renting of metal should not exceed 0,2 mm.
Replace an epiploon of 1 bent shaft new and press against the stop. At an epiploon press fitting the effort has to be put as it is possible closer to the outer diameter of an epiploon.

Fig. 2.68. Limit iznosa of the case of the oil pump

Working surfaces of a pump housing should not have scratches. Extreme diameter of a nest under the conducted gear wheel should not exceed 75,10 mm (fig. 2.68). The minimum width of a segment has to be not less than 3,40 mm.

Fig. 2.69. Main sizes of details of the oil pump: 1 – the conducted gear wheel; 2 – leading gear wheel; 3 – case

The main sizes of new details of the pump are shown in fig. 2.69.

Fig. 2.70. Measurement of axial gaps of gear wheels of the oil pump: 1 – leading gear wheel; 2 – the conducted gear wheel; S — an axial gap

Fig. 2.71. Limit iznosa of gear wheels of the oil pump (the sizes of diameters on tops of teeths are given for reference): and — the leading gear wheel; — the conducted gear wheel

Measure the indicator the maximum axial gaps (fig. 2.70) which should not exceed 0,12 mm for the leading gear wheel, for conducted – 0,15 mm. If gaps exceed extreme values, replace gear wheels. Limit iznosa of gear wheels are given in fig. 2.71. If their sizes exceed extreme values, also replace gear wheels.