2.13.2. Oil replacement

It is necessary to replace oil on the hot engine. completely to merge oil, it is necessary to wait not less than 10 min. after opening of a drain opening.

Снятие масляного фильтра приспособлением А. 60312
Fig. 2.14. Removal of an oil filter adaptation A. 60312

Replacing oil, it is necessary to replace also an oil filter which is removed by means of adaptation A. 60312 (see fig. 2.14). At installation wrap the filter manually.
When replacing oil are recommended to wash out the lubrication system one of the washing oils (VNIINP-FD, MSP-1, MPT-2M) for what:
– after a stop of the engine merge the fulfilled oil and, without removing an oil filter, fill in flushing oil to a tag of "MIN" on the index of level of oil;
– start the engine and let's it work on this oil of 10 min. at the minimum frequency of rotation of a bent shaft;
– completely merge flushing oil and remove an old oil filter;
– put a new oil filter and fill in the oil corresponding to a season.