2.12.5. Check of technical condition

Camshaft. The surfaces of basic necks of the camshaft, cams and the clown have to be well polished and should not have damages. If there are traces of jamming or deep risks, the shaft should be replaced.
Install the camshaft by extreme necks on two prisms placed on a testing plate and measure the indicator a radial beating of other necks which should not exceed 0,02 mm.
Cases of bearings of the camshaft should not have cracks. On basic surfaces under necks of the camshaft there should not be zadir and scratches.
Check a gap between necks of the camshaft and openings of support. The gap decides by calculation after a measurement of necks and openings in support on a head of cylinders on the installed cases of bearings.
For definition of a gap it is also possible to use the calibrated plastic wire as follows:
– carefully clear necks of the camshaft and basic surfaces of a head of cylinders and cases of bearings. Remove pushers of valves from a head of cylinders;
– lay the camshaft in support of a head of cylinders and place pieces of a plastic wire on necks;
– install cases of bearings and tighten nuts of their fastening in two steps (see subsection. "Dismantling and assembly of a head of cylinders") moment of 21,6 N · m (2,2 kgfs · l);
Fig. 2.64. Measurement of a gap between necks of the camshaft and cases of bearings

– remove cases of bearings and depending on the size of flattening of a wire on packing determine the size of a gap (fig. 2.64) by a scale.
The settlement gap for new details – 0,069–0,11 mm, and most admissible (wear) has to be no more than 0,2 mm.
Gear belt. The surface of a gear part has to be with an accurate profile of teeths without wear, without folds, cracks, undercuts and peelings of fabric from rubber.
On any surface of a belt oil hit traces are not allowed.
On face surfaces stratification and a razlokhmachivaniye should not be observed, but the insignificant vystupaniye of a fringe of fabric is allowed.
The surface of a flat external part has to be equal without folds, cracks, deepenings and cambers.