2.12.4. Replacement of an epiploon of the camshaft

You make replacement of an epiploon as follows.
Slow down the car the lever of the drive of the parking brake system and install the gear shifting lever in neutral situation.
Remove a forward protective cover of a gear belt.
Turn a bent shaft clockwise before coincidence of adjusting tags And yes In (see fig. 2.62).

Fig. 2.62. Scheme of the drive of the camshaft: 1 – cogged pulley of a bent shaft; 2 – cogged pulley of the pump of cooling liquid; 3 – tension roller; 4 – back protective cover; 5 – cogged pulley of the camshaft; 6 – gear belt; 7 – axis of a tension roller; And — an adjusting ledge on a back protective cover; In — a tag on a camshaft pulley; With — a tag on a cover of the oil pump; D — a tag on a pulley of a bent shaft

Weaken a nut of fastening of a tension roller and turn it for weakening of a belt. Take off a belt from a camshaft pulley.
Holding from a provorachivaniye a camshaft pulley adaptation 67.7811.9509, turn off a bolt of its fastening and remove a pulley with a spline.
Take an old epiploon from a nest and a mandrel 67.7853.9580 press a new epiploon, previously having oiled it engine.
Establish a pulley of the camshaft and, having blocked it from a provorachivaniye, fix by a bolt with a washer. Put on a belt a pulley of the camshaft and slightly pull it a tension roller, turning a roller counterclockwise.

Fig. 2.63. Tags for definition of VMT of pistons of the first and fourth cylinders

Turn a bent shaft on two turns in the direction of rotation and check coincidence of adjusting tags And yes In (see fig. 2.62) and tags on a flywheel with average division of a scale (see fig. 2.63).
If tags do not coincide, then repeat installation of a belt, having modified the provision of a pulley of the camshaft. If tags coincide, then adjust a belt tension as it is stated above and establish a forward protective cover of a gear belt.