2.12.1. Features of the device

The camshaft — pig-iron, cast, five-basic. Working surfaces of cams and a surface under an epiploon are bleached for increase in wear resistance.
For an exception of axial movement of the camshaft at it from the back party the flange which is fixed between a head of cylinders (with the case of bearings) and the cap established from the back party of a head of cylinders is provided.

Fig. 2.62. Scheme of the drive of the camshaft: 1 – cogged pulley of a bent shaft; 2 – cogged pulley of the pump of cooling liquid; 3 – tension roller; 4 – back protective cover; 5 – cogged pulley of the camshaft; 6 – gear belt; 7 – axis of a tension roller; And — an adjusting ledge on a back protective cover; In — a tag on a camshaft pulley; With — a tag on a cover of the oil pump; D — a tag on a pulley of a bent shaft

The drive of the camshaft is carried out by a gear belt 6 (fig. 2.62) from the cogged pulley 1 installed on cranked to a shaft. The same belt gives to rotation and a pulley 2 pumps of cooling liquid. The roller 3 serves for a belt tension. Turning a roller concerning a fastening hairpin, it is possible to change a belt tension.