10.3. Appendix 3. A specification for adjustments and control

Gaps in the mechanism of the drive of valves on the cold engine (18-20 °C), mm: for inlet valves for final valves
0,2+0,05 0,35+0,05
Minimum frequency of rotation of a bent shaft, mines 1
Oil pressure in the engine lubrication system at a temperature of oil of 85 °C and frequency of rotation of a bent                                               shaft 5600 min1, MPa (kgf/cm2)
0,45-0,65 (4,5-6,5)
The minimum pressure in the engine lubrication system at 750-800 min1, MPa (kgf/cm2)
0,08 (0,8)
Liquid temperature in the cooling system of the heated-up engine at the air temperature of 20-30 °C,                                                                                   at the movement with full loading with a speed of 80 km/h, °C, no more
Level of cooling liquid in a broad tank on the cold engine
25-30 mm higher than a tag of "MIN"
Density of cooling liquid (A-40 Antifreeze) at 20 °C, g/cm3
Generator drive belt deflection at effort of 98 N (10 kgfs), mm: for the generator 94.3701 for the generator 37.3701
6-8 10-15
Gap between electrodes of a spark plug, mm the engine with system of injection the carburetor engine
1,00-1,13 0,7-0,8
Density of electrolyte of the rechargeable battery at 25 °C for a temperate climate, g/cm3
Free wheeling of a pedal of a brake at the idle engine, mm
Minimum admissible thickness of overlays for blocks of forward and back brakes, mm
Liquid level in a tank of the hydraulic drive of brakes at uncovered
to a tag "MOVE"
The maximum bias on dry solid soil on which the car with full loading is kept unlimited time by the parking brake, %
Course of the lever of the parking brake, teeth: at adjustment in operation
2-4 2-8
Course of a pedal of coupling, mm: at adjustment in operation
125-135 125-160
Oil level in the transmission
between risks of the index
Free wheeling of a steering wheel in the situation corresponding to the movement on a straight line, a hail, no more
Convergence of forward wheels under load of 3200 N (320 kgfs), mm
Disorder of forward wheels under load of 3200 N (320 kgfs), a hail