1.3.5. Features of operation of the car with system of injection of fuel

Fire of a lamp of "CHECK ENGINE" at the working engine does not mean that the engine has to be immediately stopped; the controller has the standby mode allowing the engine to work in the conditions close to normal. Nevertheless the reason of fire of a lamp has to be established at the enterprise of maintenance as soon as possible.
The car engine in the presence of catalytic converter and the sensor of concentration of oxygen works regularly in case only unleaded gasoline with octane number 95 is used. Ethylated gasoline in a short space of time puts these elements out of action, the smoky exhaust appears and sharply fuel consumption increases.
Converter can fail also in case of admissions in system of ignition as in this case pure fuel will come to converter and temperature will sharply increase in it that will cause emergence of cracks in the ceramic block. Therefore regularly perform all ordered works on care of system of ignition. For the same reason you do not make start of the engine by means of towage.
Because converter has high temperature, watch at the parking of the car that under converter there was no dry grass or other combustible material (rags, shavings, etc.).