1.3.3. Braking and parking

The design of brakes provides effective braking. Nevertheless, try to brake smoothly and moderately in all cases, avoiding sharp braking.
Do not switch off ignition and do not take out a key from the ignition switch at the movement of the car. With a stop of the engine the depression necessary for operation of the vacuum amplifier and thereof the effort which needs to be put to a brake pedal for braking of the car increases is not created. Besides, at the taken-out key the shaft of steering is blocked by the anti-theft device, and the car becomes uncontrollable.
In case of failure of one of contours of the brake system braking of the car provides the second contour. At the same time the course of a pedal of a brake increases and efficiency of braking decreases that can be estimated at the first moment by you as full refusal of brakes. In this case do not release a pedal and you do not make repeated pressings which only increase a brake way, and press a pedal before obtaining the greatest possible effect of braking.
Part of the released cars is equipped with anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS) which prevents blocking of wheels when braking, providing thereby preservation of the set trajectory of the movement and the minimum brake way practically in any road conditions. However when braking on the road with a friable covering (gravel, sand, not rolled snow) there can be some increase in a brake way in comparison with braking in the same conditions to the blocked wheels.
Braking with participation of ABS begins with the speed of 8 km/h and is followed by an insignificant pulsation of a brake pedal and characteristic noise of executive ABS mechanisms. Fire of a control lamp of a condition of ABS (except for the self-testing mode at inclusion of ignition) testifies to malfunction in system which elimination needs to be carried out only on PTO. Failure of ABS does not break operation of the hydraulic drive of brakes.
For optimum work of ABS it is necessary to hold when braking a pedal pressed and not to do any pumping-up movements.
In order to avoid restriction of operability of ABS do not install on the car of the tire of different dimension.
At a stop on rise or on descent turn on the parking brake and, respectively, the first or back transfers.