1.3.2. Movement of the car

Previously it is optional to warm up the modern engine in general. It is enough to bring temperature of cooling liquid to the minimum working temperature in 40 °C. It is necessary to begin the movement at the extended suction handle (on the carburetor engine), gradually removing it in process of warming up of the engine. Besides, at a low temperature of air some time after a start of motion it is necessary to include only the lower transfers. Thus, the engine gets warm quicker and fuel is saved.
For the movement by a backing stop the car, press a pedal of coupling and, having sustained a pause in 3 with, drown the gear shifting lever against the stop and transfer it to the provision of turning on of the reverse gear.
After overcoming fords, and also after a wash of the car or at long movement along the wet road when water gets to brake mechanisms of wheels, make several smooth braking at the movement to dry disks, drums and brake slips.
At the movement on pools reduce speed in order to avoid hydroplaning which can cause a drift or loss of management. Worn-out tires increase such danger.
At an entrance to turn it is necessary to estimate it in advance and, depending on the radius of turn and a condition of a paving, to reduce speed, to pass turn in the mode of "tightness", gradually increasing the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine. It gives the chance to pass turn steadily even on slippery roads, to avoid sharp braking or a sharp otpuskaniye of a pedal of an accelerator in turn which can lead to loss of coupling of wheels with the road and respectively to loss of control over driving.
Whenever possible you drive the car without sharp accelerations and delays as it results in the increased wear of tires and increase in fuel consumption. Fuel consumption also increases with an insufficient pressure of air in tires, at the worn-out or polluted spark plugs, when using engine oils for the engine with bigger viscosity, than it is recommended.
Fuel consumption increases also when towing the trailer. Besides, when towing the trailer loads of a body, the engine and transmission increase that reduces their resource.