1.3.1. Launch of the engine

Launch of the cold engine
1. Install the gear shifting lever in neutral situation. At a negative temperature of air press a coupling pedal.
2. Press a pedal of an accelerator and release it. Insert a key into the switch of ignition and include a starter. If the engine does not start working from the first attempt, switch off ignition and through 20–30 with repeatedly include a starter. It is not recommended to include a starter more than on 10-15 with. During launch of the engine to press a pedal of an accelerator it is not allowed.
In case of the complicated start of the engine (the excessive amount of fuel came to combustion chambers) press an accelerator pedal against the stop and include on 10-15 about a starter for a purge of cylinders then release a pedal of an accelerator and start the engine in accordance with the established procedure.
3. After launch of the engine release the ignition key which will automatically come back to situation "I". During the steady operation of the engine after start-up smoothly release a coupling pedal.
During warming up of the engine the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine increases and for decrease periodically press it and release an accelerator pedal.
Fig. 1.8. Fuel pump: 1 – lever of manual pumping of fuel

After the long parking of the car before launch of the engine it is recommended to pump up fuel in the float-operated camera of the carburetor for what several times press the lever 1 (fig. 1.8) of manual pumping of fuel.
On the car equipped with system of injection of fuel to press an accelerator pedal before start-up and during warming up of the engine there is no need.
Launch of the warm and hot engine
Before launch of the warm or hot engine (temperature of cooling liquid more than 90 °C) are not recommended to be pressed an accelerator pedal.