1.2.2. Keyboard switches

Inclusion and switching off of consumers is made by consecutive pressing a switch key. At inclusion of external lighting the symbolics of keys is highlighted:
– switch of marker lights. Marker lights join and switched off by consecutive pressing a key. At inclusion of marker lights the signaling device in the key lights up;
– switch of light of headlights. Are put by pressing a key under tension of a chain of headlights.
Switches of marker lights and light of headlights are united in "the switch of external lighting". Mechanical communication excludes a possibility of inclusion of headlights without preliminary inclusion of marker lights and switching off of marker lights at the included headlights;
– switch of forward fog lights. Fog lights join in the conditions of limited visibility (snow, fog, etc.) pressing a key at inclusion of marker lights. By repeated pressing a key fog lights and the signaling device in the key warning about their inclusion are disconnected;
– switch of back fog fires. Pressing a key fog fires in back lamps and a signaling device in a key join if external lighting is included. And a signaling device are switched off by repeated pressing of a lamp of fog fires;
– switch of heating of back glass. Heating of back glass joins pressing a key and is turned off by repeated pressing. The signaling device in the key warns about the included heating;
– switch of a faroochistka. Has not fixed situation — holding the button in the pressed situation at the turned-on light of headlights, also the faroochistka joins at the same time фароомыв;
– switch of heating of front seats. Heating of a seat joins pressing a key. The built-in temperature regulator maintains temperature of elements of heating of a back and pillow of a seat in the range of 25–31 °C in the automatic mode.
Or at switching off of ignition heating is turned off by repeated pressing.